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Heya :)

I thought I had to add an “about”-page since it seems customary. ☺

So, just some explanations: This website is my personal site, it exists purely for private purposes. It covers what interests me personally and what I think might be interesting and useful for others.

The web is such a great resource, and so many people use their time and money to put things on the web, for everybody to see and to benefit from … I find that wonderful, and I do think I should try to give back a little. I hope the Internet is changing society for the better, just like Gutenberg’s printing revolution did (remember: in the age of information, ignorance is a choice).

On transsexualism, the website represents my collected research and thinking. I hope to cover the discussed areas comprehensively, so that the pages can be used as a reference for both the latest research and the current scientific consensus. All rights of the quoted studies are of course with the owners, not with myself.

Naturally, I very much appreciate any corrections, amendments and additions.

I also welcome links to http://www.cakeworld.info/. Please send me a mail if you want me to link back to your website.

Thanks for reading! ☺

About me …

… not much here yet … 🐾

I love lilac (you could have never guessed that one) and brown (for clothing) … I also like ending sentences with ellipses or question marks, no matter whether appropriate? Oh, and English is not my native language – sorry for any mistakes I might have made (I do welcome corrections). I wish I could write in a clear and lucid style … but at least I’m trying. ☺

What I like most in people, next to being warm, kind and caring, is intellectual honesty. I mean what I say and expect the same from others – equally a strength and a weakness.

Oh, and Cake is an abbreviationanagramacronyminitialismshorthand … a pseudonym for my nickname … my real name. It has been my screen name ☺ … online name since I started on the Internet.

— Cake

PS: My e-mail address is shown on the contact page.

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Some official things …

I strictly honour the privacy and anonymity or pseudonymity of anyone contacting me or visiting this website.

Cakeworld is a personal website and is not associated with any corporate body, company or organisation, non-profit or otherwise.

No liability assumed or guarantee given for the correctness of the content on this webpage. Please also note that I’m not a medical professional and have no formal qualifications in this field.

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