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Women and men are quite similar in most categories. It’s usually only the averages that differ significantly, with a huge overlap between the genders.[1] That’s why no test can be an infallible diagnostic tool, telling you what or who you are. In addition, things like gender expression (masculine/feminine behaviour) and brain type (organising/systemising) are not determining gender identity.
Make sure you understand each test, and answer as honestly as possible… if your input isn’t accurate, the result will be even less useful – there is no point in trying to get a particular result. I see the value of some of these tests in forcing yourself to think about yourself when answering them, and providing you with some sort of categorisation. Please make sure you read and understand the instructions for each one.

The COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory)

The Doctor and Fleming Cross-Gender Questionnaire

The Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI)

The SAGE test (sex and gender explorer)

The Brain Gender Questionnaire from Channel 4

Simon Baron-Cohen’s tests for brain type

Some general information and test links:
The Guardian: How male or female is your brain?

Links to the individual four tests:
Systemizing quotient test (SQ)
Empathy quotient test (EQ)
Autism Spectrum quotient test (AQ)
Mind in the eyes test (revised, adult version)

So, after taking all these tests, are you transsexual?[2] The tests can’t tell you, only you can.[3] For some more thinking, Jennifer Reitz has some questions for you at The best definition of what it means to be a transsexual comes as usual from Madeline Wyndzen, which can be found here:

For some more cautious comments and warnings on gender tests, read Andrea James’ take on:

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[1] For more details, see the end of the summary page.

[2] Okay … these tests have to be taken with a pinch of salt, and should not be used to compare individuals … but here are my test results anyway ☺:
– COGIATI: Result value 410/650, category five – transsexual.
– Doctor-Fleming: Identity 14/14; Feminisation 4/13; Arousal 9/16; Gender role 9/12.
– BSRI: Male 35.8/100; Female 77.5/100; Androgynous 63.3/100.
– Baron-Cohen: Empathy 65/80 very high; System 14/80 low; Autism 11/50 average; Eyes 33/36 very accurate.
Some of these results I do agree with, others I find surprising. ☺

[3] To get a useful result from any psychological test, you have to know who you are. This can be a major difficulty for transsexuals since their identity can be suppressed by living in the closet, living in the wrong gender role and by certain symptoms of gender dysphoria, such as depression. That makes it hard to know yourself, to find out who you are really are. In the end, your identity is what you are like when live openly and comfortably as yourself, free and unrestricted.