Other references

This page lists articles that are of interest, but are not directly relevant to the observations made on the four main reference pages.

Other references
– Reference list of scientific articles and studies (2014 and newer) (180 items)

– Reference list of scientific articles and studies (2013 and older) (184 items)


All abstracts are taken verbatim from the respective studies. I have provided a short summary at the end of each article. To avoid distorting the studies, the included abstracts are usually full-length. Please read the original studies for more information; often the contents are even more interesting than the carefully worded abstract. I tried to provide mainly recently published and peer-reviewed studies and avoided case studies with few participants. Articles are listed chronologically.

I very much appreciate corrections, amendments and additions.

I would like to express my gratitude to all researchers and contributors to human biology and medicine – your work is continuously making this world a much better place for all of us. Thank you so much!

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This page is an addition to the four main reference pages:

What is transsexualism? | What causes transsexualism? | What helps?

More evidence: Disorders of sex development (DSD)

A summary of the findings of the reference pages is given here: Summary

A short essay on the biological basis of transsexualism is here: Biological basis

A short discussion regarding possible contradicting evidence is here: Evidence against?

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