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2014-02-16 A huge update!

posted 24 May 2014, 05:08 by Cake Kidd   [ updated 30 May 2014, 14:39 ]

Phew! I’m done with a huge update, the weekend is not over yet, and the sun is shining! I added at least 25 articles, some of them quite interesting. In addition, I put on a new page, collecting and structuring my thoughts on the biological basis of transsexualism.

In other news, I have started an e-mail conversation with a director of an American fundamentalist Christian organisation, who had some harsh words to say about transsexualism in public. In personal e-mails, he is not unkind, but I have not yet discovered what kind of knowledge or intellectual analysis led him to his opinions. I fear there might be little in terms of knowledge and analysis… but I’ll withhold judgement on that for now :)

So, to the articles I added: Sohn et al. writes in 2013 that gender reassignment surgery is evidence-based and that success rates are high. Kaufmann publishes in 2014 that hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery achieve improvements in quality of life. Charles Moser argues against Autogynephilia in 2010; Nuttbrock et al. does the same in an article published in 2011. A brand new large Spanish study conducted by Rodriguez-Molina et al. states unequivocally in unusually clear language that transsexuals have a high level of well-being and no serious psychopathological problems. In a study on monkeys, Wallen et al. demonstrate once more in 2009 that genitals and gender behaviour can be developed in opposite directions by prenatal hormones. An older study on mice, from 2006, found that thousands (!!) of genes showed sexual dimorphism in certain body tissues and that hundreds (!!) of gene were sexually dimorphic in the brain (Yang et al.).

I meant to give a summary of the other articles I added, but lost interest when there were too many… sorry :) … I must be approaching 400 studies soon.

Have a good remaining Sunday!