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2014-02-24 More than 400 studies… yay :)

posted 24 May 2014, 05:09 by Cake Kidd   [ updated 24 May 2014, 05:44 ]

A few new articles, and I now exceeded the number 400… it starts get hard to keep the overview :)

To pick out a few of the studies I added:

  • Luigi Rolle et al. published in 2014 that the brain of MtF-TS becomes more feminised after sex reassignment surgery, and hypothesises that this is one reason why gender dysphoria weakens or disappears after surgery.
  • Last, but not least, I included Ramachandran and his phantom genital hypothesis (2008 and 2007).
  • Aueyung et al. proves in 2009 a link between fetal testosterone and the development of sex-typical play in children from the general population.

Oh, and that fundamentalist Christian who publically criticised transsexualism on the grounds of not being scientific, and who told me that he reviewed and understood all scientific evidence, but found it wanting… turns out that evil scumbag doesn’t even know the basics and probably has never understood a scientific finding in his life… such cheap, dirty and obvious lies… It makes me furious and sad… why do people behave like that? How can you be such an immoral liar bent on discriminating and hurting people?