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2014-05-24 Playing around with designs and layout

posted 29 May 2014, 10:50 by Cake Kidd   [ updated 30 May 2014, 14:38 ]

Heya :)

I spent a whole day today fiddling around with web design... maybe I even learned a little bit, I don’t know... the problem is, I don’t want to get into html programming, when the content of the pages keeps changing... or do I? The simple automatic web designer that I use is quite limited, and copy and paste from my source files gets only some of the formatting and corrupts much ... oh, well, I’ll see :)

If I feel like it, I’ll put some new studies on tomorrow... I have collected a few, but none of them is earth-shattering, if I remember correctly...

Oh, and something else (the same again would be boring anyway!) – I haved added Alexandra Hamer’s virtual facial feminisation website to the links page at the gender section... she is providing an excellent service, giving advice on one of the most problematic topics of transsexualism...

PS: I have now fixed the layout of a few pages, including the philosophy page … and tidied up some things... including the navigation bar on the left side (I had no idea I could), but I think it’s easier now to get an overview... hopefully :)

PPS: Oh, and something I wanted to do for a long time … I finally put up a page with my favourite quotes … yay!