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2014-05-31 Done for now … yay!

posted 31 May 2014, 12:32 by Cake Kidd

I’ve been busy today ... I fixed the design of some more pages, including the start and end of the reference pages... I still have to figure out how to format the references themselves, without causing too much work... and I have to find out how I can make a numbered list that starts at a number different from one... 

… aaanndd … I added eight studies:
  • An Italian study by Fisher, Ristori, et al. from 2014 in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation states that hormonal therapy/puberty suppression for transsexual youth reduces emotional problems, self-harming behavior, suffering and distress and improves general functioning significantly.
  • Benjamin Munson held a speech at the University College in London and reported that boys from 5 to 13 years with gender dysphoria speak differently from gender-typical boys … and that this difference can be noticed by listeners … (!?)
  • The Belgian team with Katrien Wierckx, Eva van Caenegem, et al. writes 2014 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that hormone treatment is effective and safe.
  • Japanese researchers Tsoyushi Baba, Toshiaki Endo, et al. find in 2014 that female-to-male transsexuals do not develop polycystic ovary syndrome when given androgens, which is a difference to gender-typical women (Journal of mammalian ova research).
  •  The magazine Neuroreport states 2014 that Korean researches Kim, Jeong, et al. find that some brain activation patterns of male-to-female transsexuals are similar to those of control women. The study was conducted on post-op transsexuals, meaning the finding could have been caused by hormonal/surgical treatment, so I put it on the other references page.
  • Two Iranians, Reyhaneh Naziri Rad and Elham Arjmand, report in Applied Psychology in 2014 that gender reassignment seems to slightly improve adjustment levels of transsexuals.
  • Scott Summers and John Onate report a case of a transsexual woman developing a psychosis after stopping hormone treatment (Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental health, 2014). I usually don’t add studies of single cases, but here I made an exception from the rule.
  • Louis Gooren and Paul Lips have looked at the side-effects of hormone therapy in older transsexuals. While it seems safe, monitoring is required, especially for cardiovascular diseases (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2014).
And the study I reported on the news item on 2014-04-26 by the Serbian team with Svetlana Vujović et al. (study on finger length ratios) has now been published, and the abstract has been reworded – I made the same changes on the the reference pages. The last sentence of the abstract reads now: “Results of our study go in favour of the biological aetiology of transsexualism.”

… and that’s it... phew … no researching and no web design for me tomorrow... I need a break 
Have a good Sunday!