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2014-05-31 Oops, I did it again …

posted 31 May 2014, 06:17 by Cake Kidd   [ updated 31 May 2014, 06:18 ]
(sorry for the cheesy title)

So, after teaching myself some basic html and fixing the design of many pages, I thought more about the structure, and read some advice... as a result, I pushed both main sections transsexualism and philosophy into the root directory to make the addresses shorter... which means that I had to fix all the broken links, which I now have replaced with relative links, maybe that’s better? Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, but this time I provided (being the pro I am ☺) automatic redirects and links to the new pages on the most frequented old pages... I hope that’s not too much of a bother... I promise not to do it again, just like I did the last time ☺!

Now that most things seems to work, I’ll take a bath and then maybe finally get around to updating the reference pages...

Take care!