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2015-03-15 Moving the “What’s new?” section to my new blog

posted 15 Mar 2015, 01:53 by Cake Kidd   [ updated 15 Mar 2015, 01:53 ]

Heya everybody,

In continuing to teach myself a little about web design, I have been looking at the functions provided by some blog platforms. So I tried out Google Blogger, and found it relatively easy to use and to integrate into my website.

Soo … I’m proud to introduce the Cakeworld Blog! It will take the current job of the “What’s new?” pages, and provide a better layout and more functions to both myself and readers and commenters. The Cakeworld Blog is located on a subdomain of Cakeworld, http://blog.cakeworld.info/.

If you have subscribed to the news feed of the “What’s new?” section, please excuse the inconvenience and subscribe again to the feed provided by the new blog page.

I’m unsure what to do with the “What’s new?” section, I might migrate all posts on the new blog (keeping the original dates and order, of course) and use this section as a list of changes I make to the Cakeworld website. But that would require a high degree of self-organisation, so I’m not sure I want to commit to that. ☺

So, that’s me for now … oh, and I have put a couple of new posts on the new blog in the past few weeks! Have a read, if you like!